Saturday, April 26, 2014

URGENT PUBLIC ADVISORY Concerning a new "black ops" sabotage and misinformation campaign based in Ireland, and directed against our work

Issued by ITCCS Central and The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)

Brussels, 26 April, 2014 - 3 pm GMT

BE ADVISED that a catholic-funded Irish operative named John Deegan, who along with his wife goes by the internet name "Mary Hennessey" and utilizes an email entitled "", is currently engaged in a smear and misinformation campaign aimed at the most active and successful branches of the ITCCS and their affiliated common law courts. The Deegans are issuing false public statements in the name of ICLCJ and are fraudulently using and issuing our official logo in their own name, without our knowledge or permission.

Deegan is a paid operative of Catholic Archbishop Dermot Martin and Martin's subordinate, a Father Damien, both of whom are based at Pro Cathedral in Dublin. 

For over a year, with the assistance of his wife and at least one other agent of Archbishop Martin, Deegan has disseminated false and libelous attacks against Rev. Kevin Annett and his closest affiliates. Recently, Deegan has escalated these attacks by posing as a member of ICLCJ and creating a dummy common law court in Ireland to confuse our potential supporters and members of the genuine court.

This week, posing as "Mary Hennessey", Deegan and his wife wrote to Rhianne Mockridge, the main ICLCJ organizer in Coventry where our work has made important headway in confronting the local catholic church. "Mary" told Rhianne that a major ICLCJ organizer, Joshua Lemmens of Canada, had "broken" with the Coventry group and therefore could not be trusted. None of this is true, as Joshua confirmed today in an email to Rev. Kevin Annett.

Also, "Mary" claims to be working with the network of ITCCS-allied clergy group in Ireland known as Not in Our Name (NoN), which has called for the catholic church in Ireland to break away from Rome and prosecute its in-house child rapists. Yet the NoN executive, which liases regularly and directly with Rev. Kevin Annett, informed Kevin today that they have no knowledge of or contact with a "Mary Hennessey". Yet "Mary" claims to speak in the name of a "Father" Ciaran Ui Niall, which is an erroneous claim, since the real Ciaran Ui Niall (a pseudonym, for security reasons) is not a catholic clergyman at all but a Protestant, and therefore does not carry the title "father".

Despite such clear and obvious lies by the Deegans / "Mary Hennessey", they have continued to write to ITCCS affiliates in other countries with the same smears against Kevin Annett and Joshua Lemmens, and have even tried such divide and conquer methods within Rev. Annett's congregational community in America, the Covenanted Congregationalists, according to Rick Hidalgo, a Congregational elder.

We understand that "Mary Hennessey" - that is,  the Deegans - will be issuing a "press release" soon designed to create further confusion and division in our ranks, and to try to discredit Rev. Annett and our genuine common law courts in the eyes of the world. We therefore urge all people to not only ignore these lies by the Deegans, but understand that they originate within the roman catholic hierarchy in Ireland and possibly Rome, and specifically from the office of Archbishop Dermot Martin, who is actively engaged in protecting child raping priests across Ireland and smearing those who are exposing his crime.

We are hardly surprised that these new attacks are coming exactly when our Court is criminally prosecuting "Pope Francis", Jorge Bergoglio, and others for child trafficking and murder. These attacks are meant to distract the world from the hard evidence of these crimes. But no amount of lies and deception from a Jesuit-run child murdering "church" will prevent the historic collapse of the Church of Rome, especially in the light of its spiritual and legal annulment by our movement last Easter Sunday.

Let everyone stand now in the light of truth, and help shut the mouths of church-paid liars and character assassins, in Ireland and everywhere. Stay focused on the real issue: the ongoing murder and violation of our children by the Roman Catholic Church and its agents.

Issued 26 April by the Central Executive of the ITCCS in conjunction with the Public Information Agency of the International Common Law Court of Justice

The Official Stamp and Logo of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)

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